brooke erin

a multidisciplinary artist known as brookeandcanvas on all social media


The practice and portfolio of Brookes exploration of art and its mediums. Your commissions, your story.


Local to Edmonton. Multidisciplinary Artist. Tattoo Artist.

Brooke Erin.

You will discover a wide exploration of artistic mediums, styles, and influences in all her art,

photography, tattoos, and muse portfolios.

Her artistic journey was evident as a child. Always drawing, creating, and doodling in class as she grew up.

After some classes through metro learning, and self-exploration,

she attended the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Alberta.

Brooke explored every artistic subject she could get her hands on.

One medium led to the next and as she processed all the ways to be creative. Always learning. 

Brooke welcomes artistic projects, paintings, drawings, murals, and other commissions.

A beautiful piece of art to make your house feel like home. A memorial piece to honour a loved one.

A timeless moment captured with paint strokes. Art is a way to express your story.

Commissioned art services are ready when you are.

In 2015, Brooke had a shared art gallery and creative space to work from called

The Studio off 118th Avenue, a street known for Arts on the Avenue.

For 2 years she hosted social events, private and public art lessons.

Brooke is passionate about art and wants to share this knowledge again soon.

These events will be available again soon so stay tuned!

Her presence in the local art scene and art community allowed her to expand into the tattoo industry.

She began a tattoo apprenticeship in 2017 and is now an established member of the Gold Ocean Studio tattooing family.

She knows your story is important and listens.

Whatever you have envisioned, or even better than you imagined, she aims to make a reality.

She will tell you what is possible, and what is not.

She cares about the quality and longevity of your tattoo, and how you feel in your skin. 

This is why she is comfortable with cover-ups and fix-up tattoos.

It is hard to be vulnerable when the product is permanent work on your body's largest organ, the skin.

Brooke is someone you can trust to transform your current tattoo into something you are proud to carry. 


That is why custom tattoos with the right person are the best option.

If you're reading this, you might consider that person to be Brooke. Her tattoo portfolio is broad.

Fine lines, script, minimalism, illustrative tattoos,

neotraditional tattoos, details, and realism are some of the many categories she covers.

Brooke enjoys mixing these styles to create something unique and custom-made for you. Tailored to your story. 

More important than the art is the health and safety standards.

Using new, sterilized, single-use equipment and PPE and proper disposal is vital to each client.

Hospital-grade cleaners are used as an industry standard.

Brooke has her Bloodborne Pathogens Certification as well as Covid-19 Safety Certification.

The shop is AHS approved and meets its regulations and is a verified business in the municipality of Edmonton. 

Having Brooke as your artist, whether you chose a wall, a painting canvas,

or your skin as a canvas, you will walk away with confidence that you made the right choice. 

Your support of local business means so much. 

Thank you.



I got a Serj Tankian portrait done by miss Brooke and I instantly fell in love with her. Her work is phenomenal and she's such an easy person to sit and talk to, not to mention extremely talented 8 out of 5 stars !!!!


I would absolutely recommend Brooke Erin for your next tattoo! She made me feel super comfortable, she's easy to talk to, her work is amazing. Me tattoo by her was by far the easiest to heal, and was hardly painful even though it was on my underboob/rib.


She did a great job on my first tattoo altered it the way I wanted turned out perfect highly recommend and will deffinetly be coming back for more !!


I can’t praise Brooke enough for the portrait of my daughter she did today! Such a great artist, and super easy to talk to. Highly recommend!


Best experience ever with Brooke ! Hands down the best artist I’ve ever seen ! Booked a cover up with her and ended covering 3 that I wanted covered! Still have one more sitting to do but I cannot wait until it’s finished!


Brooke has always gone above and beyond for me every time I’m in to see her. She’s an amazing artist as well as someone I’m happy to have as a friend! She’s done my entire right arm session by session and soon we will have that complete and onto the next piece :) extremely happy with everything she’s done and continues to do both professionally and personally for each of her clients!!