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Dread Journey

I decided to try dreadlocks because of a few reasons. My main reason for dreadlocks was honestly because of my depression, looking for more simplicity, and the fact that I had sticky fingers and liked to steal things, once I got dreads I knew I would be more recognizable, and dreadlocks helped me maintain good behaviour in public ;) Other reasons being my love for Bob Marley and a curiosity in the Rasta ways (though I never adopted them). As well as seeing some social media personalities with dreads, and the fact that they are in many ways less maintenance. The dread journey continues! Happy 1 year to my hair.Today it has been a year since I knotted up my fine caucasian hair. And in many ways I am shocked that I still have dreads. Not nearly as shocked as my mom, who initially disliked the idea but then warmed up to them. I was that girl who would switch up her hair every few months with a new color, braids, or extentions of sorts. Always keeping it modern and fun.Most days I feel excited with the idea of growing with them, watching them change and turn grey with me. Some days I want to shave my head! But I feel like I created a new chapter in my life when I got them, vowing to myself to always try to be a better person.Until August 12th of next year...On this 12th day of August, 2014, I decided to do something bold for myself. Maybe not bold to some, but it was definitely such for me. This was the day I decided to begin my 'dread journey'.I love how they make me feel... like a natural beauty with next to no effort. I find myself wearing less makeup and falling in love with myself more than when I had my 'normal' hair that I constantly had to upkeep to feel cute.

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